Combo - Himalayan Salt Cooking Book - Slab Buddy - Himalayan Crystal Salt Slab

Combo - Himalayan Salt Cooking Book - Slab Buddy - Himalayan Crystal Salt Slab

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Cookbook - By Salty Sistas

This cookbook contains easy to follow recipes, color photographs, tips and shortcuts!


A true South African tradition has just received an exciting accessory! Enjoy your Himalayan salt block over the coals.


Replace that boring oven tray with a mineral rich slab of Himalayan salt and take your cooking to a new level!


Who needs pots and pans when you can cook directly on salt? Upgrade your gas hob with a sensational salty cooking surface.


Wow your guests by serving food on pale pink platters straight from mother earth. Beautiful food deserves a beautiful backdrop


Size: 35cm x 20cm x 5cm

Please note the slab is a natural material and may have some cracks. 

Himalayan Salt Slabs offer an innovative, fun and sensational way to prepare, serve and cook food. Slice apples or watermelon and garnish with mint on your cool Slab to make a refreshing snack. Serve some grilled vegetables on a beautiful Slab. Cut thick slices of tomatoes and place them between two Salt Slabs in the sun for a unique take on sun-dried tomatoes. Even the simplest dishes take on a beautiful new dimension. Allow the Slab to be a canvas for your imagination.

Slab Buddy:

Fits the 35cm x 20cm x 5cm slab

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