Group Buy - Himalayan Salt Rock Slab - Min of 10

Group Buy - Himalayan Salt Rock Slab - Min of 10

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Size: 35cm x 20cm x 5cm

Himalayan Salt Slabs offer an innovative, fun and sensational way to prepare, serve and cook food. Slice apples or watermelon and garnish with mint on your cool Slab to make a refreshing snack. Serve some grilled vegetables on a beautiful Slab. Cut thick slices of tomatoes and place them between two Salt Slabs in the sun for a unique take on sun-dried tomatoes. Even the simplest dishes take on a beautiful new dimension. Allow the Slab to be a canvas for your imagination.

Care Instructions:

After each use, allow slab to cool down to room temperature. Wipe off any remaining food, rinse very lightly with warm water (NO DETERGENT), scrub with a soft brush or scouring pad to remove any stuck matter, and rinse lightly again. 


 Pat dry with a clean cloth and set on drying rack. This process will remove a very thin layer of the salt. Treated with care, your Salt Slab can provide dozens of uses. The powerful antimicrobial properties of the Salt ensure that it is always ready for future use, with no need for detergents.


Guidelines for Cooking on the Himalayan Crystal Salt Slab:

When heating your Salt Slab, allow for 25 to 40 minutes to achieve the required temperature. Ensure that your Slab is completely dry before heating. The Slab will crackle slightly while being heated, especially the first time, as micro-fissures appear, giving the Salt the elasticity it needs to expand as it increases in temperature

The crystal lattice of the Himalayan Salt Slab makes for excellent heat distribution and heat retention. Verify that the Slab is hot enough (at least 260 degrees) with a thermometer, or by flicking a drop of water on top and noting a brisk sizzle.

Place your food of choice onto the Salt Slab and cook to desired finish. No seasoning is necessary as the food acquires a unique mineral-rich Saltiness from the Slab.

On the Gas or Electric Stove

For gas ranges, place your Himalayan Salt Slab on the burner over a low flame.

For electric ranges, place a metal spacer (such as a wok ring or pastry ring) on the stove so that the Slab is at least 15mm above the heating element.

Increase the heat from low to medium to high in 10 minute increments until yur Salt Slab is hot enough. The reduce the heat to low and cook to your heart's content, or move the Slab onto a heat resistant surface, and cook for around 20 minutes while the Slab retains the heat.

On the Braai:

Pre-heat the Slab on a stove before transferring it to the grill, or place on the grill and introduce it to the heat gradually. Verify that the Slab is hot enough, then place the food onto the Slab and cook to perfection.

Serving Food on the Salt Slabs

Room Temperature:

Use the Salt Slab as a cutting board or prepare your food, arrange it on the Salt platter and serve.


Place the Salt Slab in a freezer for a few hours. Remove from the freezer and serve sorbets, fruit or anything else your imagination suggests. Keep in mind that the more moist the food is, the quicker it will pick up saltiness from the Slab