AINOHA Stik - The Essential Organic Oil Diffusor

Introducing aromatherapy to go. The AINOHA Stik transforms organic essential oils, the AINOHA flavorwaters, into aromatherapeutic vapor. AINOHA is the nicest way to carry a little piece of nature around with yourself. 

When taking a gentle puff of your AINOHA, the 100% organically won AINOHA flavorwaters are gently dispersed and will fill you with a pleasant feeling instantly.

Whether you need a kick of freshness or a moment of relaxation, we have a stik for you that suits any mood. Be prepared for its naturalness and the intensity of the aroma, it might come as a surprise to you.

AINOHA flavorwaters:

  • Pure Natural Ingredients - 100% Organic
  • Made and Certified in Germany
  • Inhalable Essential Oils
  • Ingredients of Pharmaceutical Quality
  • No Chemicals, No Artificial Flavors
  • No Nicotine, No Smoke
  • Free of any Toxic Substances
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