Why all the Negativity?

I know this is a crazy first blog post, but for me starting my own business, you need as little negativity as possible in your life. I started my Facebook page before the website was live, I boosted my posts and the most interesting thing for me is to see how negative people are about a specific product.

Have you tried it? No. Then keep your opinion to yourself. I am trying to make a living just like you and the next person. I get constructive criticism, but really? I might be a little old school, but my upbringing has taught me one thing, if you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all.

How difficult is that to understand? If you have tried this product and then you don't like it, by all means then give your opinion and I will learn from it. How would you negative nellies out there like it if I came to your workplace and tell everyone what a bad employee you are and what a bad job your are doing? Now that the tables have turned, no, you would not like it. I know that there are a lot of people who feel exactly the same as I do.

The positive side about this whole situation is, that for every negative comment I get, there are people who actually bought the product and are very happy with it. Every single human being out there is trying to make a living for themselves and trying to survive in this very cynical, negative and dark world.Instead of making life easier for each other, they want to undermine and put people down.

all the other entrepreneurs out there. Don't let anyone put you down or make you negative, do not give up!

Have a wonderful night and week

Mags xxx 

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