Roller Coasters and Adventure...

What is more exciting than starting a new venture!!!! Favorite Things SA is my new venture and everyday is a learning opportunity. 

A roller coaster is the best way to describe starting a business. From starting your Facebook page, website to choosing products that you think people need and want in their life. One thing I can promise you, our readers, all our products that we sell on the shop are products that we use ourselves, because I would not want to sell a product to you that I haven't used or own myself.

There is always a risk you take by buying stock of a certain product. Maybe it  sells and maybe it does not, but this is what makes it a wonderful adventure. Getting to know your clients and learn what people's likes and dislikes are. The excitement of seeing what a product looks like after the design and printing has been done.

I love sharing my experiences and adventures with people around me and helping them by giving advice on new ventures. I love seeing my customers happy and building a relationship with them. I am always easy to get a hold of and I have a wonderful team working with me. So, if you can't talk to me personally then I will get someone from our team to contact you. So never hesitate if you have any questions or inquiries to pop us a mail or give us a call  

Have a wonderful and safe weekend

Mags xxx 


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